Building a truly digital bank

There is no "digital" without data.

The digital Bank


xWare42 platform takes normal financial transaction data
provided by protocols such as ISO 8583 and uses the
fragmented data to find more about the retailer and
purchase itself. As a result, payment details on a
bank statement can be enriched by adding information
such as receipts, addresses, opening hours, service
numbers, logo’s, location details and other details
about the retailers. This gives customers a more
helpful picture of their purchases while allowing
banks and partner retailers to offer personalized
discounts, reduce customer inbound calls and
encourage further transactions.

It's time to change financial transactions

and how we know them.

When financial transaction protocols were first designed decades ago, they had to be very simple due to the limited computational power of mainframe infrastructures by which they were processed. Today, technology has advanced but financial transaction protocols have remained what they were – basic and lacking anything beyond the most essential information needed for processing purposes. As a result, transactions often appear on customers’ account statements in a rather “cryptical” way today. We believe that information is key, and now it’s time to make transaction contents more intuitive for everyone.

See it in action!

Award winning innovation

that truly amazed the industry
This year's competition for the Payment Dragons' Den was particularly strong and xWare42 is an outstanding winner. We look forward to seeing how the company grows and develops.
Zehra Chudry, Head of Content, PayExpo
London was once again a great kick-off to the Innotribe Startup Challenge and it was exciting to see inspiring companies present their innovations to a packed room. The quality of the pitches was excellent and the startups can be proud of their performance on stage. We wish the finalists the best of luck at the Finale at Sibos later this year.
Fabian Vandenreydt, Innotribe and the SWIFT Institute
Being at the cutting edge of technology innovation is crucial to strengthening London’s position as the leading global financial center. Programs such as the FinTech Innovation Lab are an essential part of the fintech infrastructure and play an important role in ensuring we continue to generate jobs and attract leading financial businesses to London.
Kit Malthouse, deputy mayor of London
This award recgonises an online technology vendor who as excelled in its field, implementing innovation cards and payments technology during the past year, and xWare42 has certainly done that. The company was up against some tough competition but the judges gave xPay the nod as it includes several features previously unseen in the industry and is a great example of technology provider striving to improve the way things are done in the payments sector.
Scott Thompson, Group Editor, FStech and Retail Systems
Best UK or Global Prepaid Innovation
FINALIST, Emerging Payments Awards 2014
Best Security/Anti-Fraud Programme
FINALIST, Emerging Payments Awards 2014
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